His story

As a young man he combined the dark arts with scientific tools of ghost hunters. He worked strategically to gain access to a forbidden library, or time studying an alchemist’s relic. Through the old tomes he discovered ancient demons and the so-called monsters. There were others beyond the veil, unseen but often felt. Solomon searched into the shadows and had the uncanny sensation of something staring back.

Solomon experimented with frequencies where ghost waves could be imprinted to material objects like magnetism to steel, but of course he wasn’t alone. Neo-alchemy had grown sporadically in the 1800s, along with spiritualism and the occult revival, but after the invention of crucible steel one particular type of dark magic reshaped the world. Necro-alchemy.

It was resisted at first.  But at the darkest days of the global depression, the “ghost steel” barons promised a second industrial revolution…. Industry had its “wizards”, government had its “agencies”, but by any other name the civilized world turned to necromancers in an arms race to world war.

Progress meant harnessing the dead…