Julian Solomon

He has an ear for trouble, and a skill for taming the occult.

Born to American ghost hunters, he grew up within the parlors of esoteric societies and bohemian psychics where, along with classical music lessons, Julian learned early that in the occult underground, power and corruption are often the same thing.

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Occult Detective

Rare Books… Unusual Artifacts… Esoteric Import/Export…

There was a time when the spirit world was ephemeral, temporary. That’s why true occult relics are rare. Nevertheless, they have a habit of finding their way to market. During a political or financial crises, a coveted object that can’t be sold in the open can be converted to quick cash.

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Book One: “Apocrypha”

A dispute between a repentant heiress and the local pagan temple has Julian Solomon chasing dubious medieval manuscripts.

an interactive mystery

Choose your path through the visual novel as Solomon uncovers secret motives, and forms tenuous alliances in the pursuit of troublesome artifacts.

But beware – the occult objects play by their own rules and will also influence the story.